APRIL 2012 Schedule

In case you missed our 2012 festival, here’s the complete lineup. 

- Launch Party at Sole Repair, 3/22/12

readings from Rebecca Brown and Christopher Frizzelle

- HOARSE Undercover Release Party at Electric Tea Garden, 3/23/12

readings curated by HOARSE, musical performances by Blue Light Curtain, Tenderfoot, and LAKE

- [PANK] Invasion at Kaleidoscope Vision, 3/24/12

readings from Summer Robinson, M Bartley Siegel, Kelly Boyker, Morris Stegosaurus, Gregory Laynor, and Erik Evenson

- Chapbook-making Party at Richard Hugo House, 3/25/12

taught by Amber Nelson

- A Poet, a Playwright, and a Drag Queen at the Sorrento Hotel, 3/26/12

readings and performances from Mallery Avidon, Jackie Hell, and Debra Di Blasi

- Paper and Words at Cullom Gallery, 3/27/12

reading from Heather Folsom

- A Jello Horse at Hedreen Gallery, 3/28/12

reading from Matthew Simmons, musical performance by Levi Fuller, Film by Molly Gallentine and dir. Brandon Covey

- Porchlight Reading at Porchlight Coffee and Records, 3/29/12

readings from Chelsea Martin and Ryan Call

- APRIL Lit Crawl at Bluebird Creamery, Piecora’s Pizza, Arabica Lounge, The Crescent Lounge, and a super-secret Parking Garage, 3/30/12

readings from Richard Chiem, Doug Nufer, Paulette Gaudet, Stacey Levine, Jamey Braden, Greg Bem, Tara Atkinson, Riley Michael Parker, Diana Salier, Kate Lebo, Sarah Galvin, and Ed Skoog

- Small Press Expo at Richard Hugo House, 3/31/12

reading curated by Housefire

(Source: pankmagazine)