Reverse Fan Mails are back!

'Reverse Fan Mail' is a special way that APRIL thanks its donors while connecting authors and readers at the same time.

If you donate for a ‘Reverse Fan Mail' to APRIL, we'll send your name to one of our favorite small press authors who will write a short, original work using your name as inspiration and you'll get a good-looking hard copy to show off. ┬áThere are illustrated versions, too!

This year’s Reverse Fan Mails will be mailed in time for Valentine’s Day so you can send one to your sweetie.

Reverse Fan Mail authors include Jac Jemc, Matthew Rohrer, Stacey Levine, Ed Skoog, Joshua Beckman, Mark Leidner, Ryan Boudinot, Rebecca Bridge,Wendy Xu, Jane Wong, Rich Smith, Ted Powers, Peter Mountford, Drew Swenhaugen, Mike Young, Amber Nelson, Megan Kaminski, Richard Chiem, Matthew Simmons, and Doug Nufer.

More about our festival and our other thank you gifts at

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