"reminiscent of the christening scene in ‘The Godfather’": a round-up of responses to President Obama’s Amazon speech

Shelf Awareness on Tuesday ran several letters to Obama from several independent booksellers and bookseller associations and today, a quote from Ann Patchett’s Wall Street Journal  op-ed: "the good news is that, as consumers, we are free…to decide the fate of bookstores, and of literature itself, with every book we buy."

Publishers Weekly reports here.

And Jeremy Greenfield at Digital Book World says everyone is doing it all wrong.

Brick and mortars want to be able to sell e-books without DRM.


“I don’t mind being out front telling people, ‘Hey, if you care about having a bookstore in your community, guess what? You have to buy books there. It helps the tax base, it creates jobs. We’re not just a showroom for Amazon.’ ”

Ann Patchett quoted by John Wilkens, San Diego Union-Tribune (San Diego, California, USA), May 8, 2012.

Obviously, we love this. Some of our favorite local indies are Elliott Bay Book Company, Spine & Crown, Third Place Books, and Wessel and Lieberman

Also, did you know we’re fundraising outside of Kickstarter this year so we didn’t have to give a share to Amazon?

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