We love our supporters so much, our authors write them fan letters. Get your own and support independent literature!

Reverse Fan Mails are back!

'Reverse Fan Mail' is a special way that APRIL thanks its donors while connecting authors and readers at the same time.

If you donate for a ‘Reverse Fan Mail' to APRIL, we'll send your name to one of our favorite small press authors who will write a short, original work using your name as inspiration and you'll get a good-looking hard copy to show off.  There are illustrated versions, too!

This year’s Reverse Fan Mails will be mailed in time for Valentine’s Day so you can send one to your sweetie.

Reverse Fan Mail authors include Jac Jemc, Matthew Rohrer, Stacey Levine, Ed Skoog, Joshua Beckman, Mark Leidner, Ryan Boudinot, Rebecca Bridge,Wendy Xu, Jane Wong, Rich Smith, Ted Powers, Peter Mountford, Drew Swenhaugen, Mike Young, Amber Nelson, Megan Kaminski, Richard Chiem, Matthew Simmons, and Doug Nufer.

More about our festival and our other thank you gifts at aprilfestival.com.


Here’s more writing about cheeseburgers than you ever thought you’d want.

We made a literary coloring book. All of this and more will be at Benediction on Monday night. Drawings by Derek Erdman.

Today’s RFM featured author was named one of the ‘10 Best Millennial Authors You Probably Haven’t Read (Yet)’ by Flavorwire yesterday!


Saw this edition of The Hobbit at Target last night. Reminded me of The Avian Gospels (cause, you know, no one before us had thought to design a book like a Bible).

Who doesn’t like a book with gold-gilded pages?

Adam Novy, author of The Avian Gospels, reads tonight with fellow Hobart author, Dylan Nice, author of Other KindsThey’ll be joined by Cameron Pierce, author of Lost in Cat Brain Land, and Richard Chiem, author of You Private Person

See them at Naked City Brewery in Greenwood at 6.

the amount of lit is overwhelming

APRIL doesn’t start until next Monday, but our friends are hosting a lot of great events this week!

Tomorrow, get some brews and books at Naked City Brewery in Greenwood. The event will feature readings from Adam Novy, Dylan Nice, Richard Chiem, and Cameron Pierce.

Thursday, join YesYes Books & Matthew Dickman as they raise funds for YouthCare, a non-profit benefitting homeless youth. The event will feature readings from Richard Chiem, Matthew Dickman, Elaina Ellis, Rachel Kessler, Sierra Nelson, and Corey Zeller.

Sunday, Paul Nelson hosts a discussion on the problem of the “Seattle nice” and the state of literary criticism in the Northwest. Panelists include Daemond Arrindell, Christine Deavel, Graham Isaac, and Kate Lebo. Plus, it’s online so you don’t even need to leave your couch!

"I just realized that I never look at a painting and ask, ‘Is this painting fictional or non-fictional?’ It’s just a painting."

— Scott McClanahan, Crapalachia (coming 3/13 from Two Dollar Radio)

(Source: booksmatter, via cathyboy)

The Pilot

Hey there, and thanks for stopping by. This is the blog for Authors, Publishers and Readers of Independent Literature, or APRIL for short. APRIL is a week-long festival in Seattle dedicated entirely to independent and small press literature. In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting our schedule of events, launching a Kickstarter campaign and creating an official, big-boy (or girl) website. This blog will keep you updated on the day-to-day stuff in APRIL, and will generally be a place for us to bullshit about independent literature, among other things.

To wit:

"Because he’s MY butler."

A bit of history: APRIL’s first form (let’s call it pupal) emerged at Pilot Books in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, where Summer Robinson arranged to have more than 30 readings in the store over the course of a single month. She called it Small Press Bookfest 2010, a nod to Northwest BookFest.

The next year, she brought Tara Atkinson and Willie Fitzgerald on board for the next step: taking books out of Pilot and into the city at large. We changed the name to Small Press Festival (SPF) and held readings, parties, zine-making workshops and our Independent Press Book Expo, a video of which you can check out here.

Shortly after SPF 2011 wrapped up, Pilot Books had to close its doors. Then we realized there was another SPF: the venerable Solo Performance Festival at the Theatre Off Jackson (sorry about that guys!). It was, as you could imagine, a tough month for all involved.

We dusted ourselves off,  though, and we’re looking for APRIL to pick up where Pilot Books left off: bringing fabulous independent literature—fiction, poetry, essays; the good stuff—to you, the lovely and talented reader. Summer has stepped down as director (she’s got an awesome new full-time job) and we’ve taken on the gregarious and charming Kellen Braddock to the leadership team. Different lineup, same bookish behavior.

So yes, this is the pilot episode of APRIL. But we’ve been around the block a few times.

Check back in soon for updates, reviews, interviews, indie press news and more. Until then, here’s some sound advice: