Drunken! Careening! Writers! /Best Lesbian Erotica, KGB Reading, 12/15

A Report from the field by Kellen Braddock

Last week, celebrating fake-Christmas in New York City, my mom and I went to a reading at KGB Bar.   The event was titled by its series name Drunken! Careening! Writers! rather than Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 (Edited by Kathleen Warnock, Cleis Press Inc).

All the same to us! No sweat.  My mom’s a PFLAG member and mentor.  A few weeks ago, she started leading queer-convos in NYC public schools. She barely flinched when Anne Grip read, “torpedo cock,” from her story “Hot Yoga.”    

Amy Butcher, reading “Touched,” built some serious tension between religion and sexuality.  Both are commitments.   Naturally, the fleshly moments were vibrant and filled with active verbs.  Sex felt ephemeral and also outside of time (Just like we want it, right?).  The speaker’s relationship to God felt muted and sluggish in comparison (Sorry, but hallelujah!).  

Xan West (n.d.p) — “kink and sex educator” by day, with the most supreme business card I’ve ever seen — read from “How He Likes It.”  The meditation and training behind BDSM is hard to come by in text.  Here, pain is not the result of having comfort taken away.  Rather, it is something to endure when becoming a “conduit of possibility” for another.  The speaker begs to be “used, tarred, and claimed,” as a means towards finding pure intimacy.  

As Sinclair Sexsmith writes in the introduction, reading and writing erotica enabled him to becoming “more like [him]self.” Addressing power, gender and sexuality, Best Lesbian Erotica (2012) is a blooming for many.  Aside from a few old hats, this is the first printed publication for many of the authors, like the fantastic Ali Oh (Keep an eye on her. She can slow a car with an orgasm.). 

I look forward to seeing these writers in future publications.   Check them out—

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