Reverse Fan Mail #4: Sarah Galvin

Sarah Galvin is the author of The Stranger’s Midnight Haiku series, which are neither haiku nor at midnight. She has a blog called The Pedestretarian, where she reviews food found on the street. The thing she loves most about reviewing discarded food is receiving text messages that say things like “I hear the bus stop on 3rd and Union is covered with ham.” Sarah is a poetry MFA student at University of Washington, and her poems can be found in Hoarse, Proximity, Pageboy, Dark Sky, and Ooligan press’s Pacific Poetry Project, set to be released in March 2013.

"For Matt Rowe"

I like everybody, the same way Jesus likes everybody in that painting where the horse is melting. This is why I like paintings—they make everyone sexy even when a horse is melting. If you throw a painting into a crowd of people, 60% of them will take off their pants and say something insightful. I still like the other 40% —I like everybody—but I don’t like them because of paintings, I like them because of Matt Rowe.


This piece was made possible by a generous donation from Matt Rowe. To read more Reverse Fan Mails, click here.